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 Job? What? ~ 31/10/2007

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PostSubject: Job? What? ~ 31/10/2007   Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:34 pm

After finished my bachelor degree for one year, I'm still not sure what job should I go to... Question My degree major in Applied Computer Science but not interested in programming... Currently involved in the technical support job, talking with a bunch of "aliens"... but frankly I learned some way to communicate or deal with them or in other words different kind of people. At least I'm learning something from this job. Hmmm......6 months passed by. I couldn't believe that I have stayed here for that long. The first job, programming just last for few months Very Happy .. too boring, obviously I can't communicate well with the coding. They know me but I dunno at all about them. So......very hard :mrgreen: SHOULD I CHANGE MY JOB NOW? SHOULD I STAY? Question

Hmmmm............. @
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Job? What? ~ 31/10/2007
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